U16s: Ashbourne 50-0 Tupton/Tigers

Sunday 2nd April 2017

Ashbourne vs Tupton/Tigers (TT) (playing in Tupton strip).

A lovely sunny morning, no wind, relatively mild - perfect for rugby.

This was the first time players from Tigers had played against Ashbourne, Tupton had and remembered them as a good quality side.

The first 15 minutes was an even battle, both sides attacking and defending well. Ashbourne edging it with quick hands down the backs, but defended well by TT. 

20 minutes in and success for Ashbourne; won the scrum, passed through the centres to the wing who ran in a try, with conversion 7-0

It was a physical match, TT giving as much as they were receiving. A chance for TT with a rare ball passed down the back line - too far in front for Adam to capitalise.

High tackles were going in, mainly from TT as Ashbourne pushed forward. Next high tackle must surely be booked.

TT were on the back foot now, Ashbourne pushing closer - over the 22.

Scrum to TT, lost easily, quick passing again by Ashbourne who ran in another try, with conversion. 14-0

TT kick off - didn't go 10. Scrum to Ashbourne, again the ball passed quickly down their back line, exposing Adam defending on the wing, gets one but can't get the other. Try, unconverted. 19-0

TT kick off - didn't go 10...... Scrum to Ashbourne, this time defended well by TT although a warning for Tristan. More attacking from the home side and manic defending from the visitors. Knock-on by Ashbourne - but they got the penalty - must've missed something! Ashbourne attack again, another penalty for them, 5 yards out. High tackle by Jacob - yellow card and off he goes!

Half time 19-0

Ashbourne kick off the second half, good catch by Ted but Ashbourne all over him - they're 2 yards quicker than TT. Another high tackle - Tristan subbed - but too late. Another yellow card.
Ashbourne continued the assault, missed tackles from TT, passed down the line. Try and conversion. 26-0

TT kick off - better, Ashbourne catch but good hit by Ted. Ball quickly back to half way and just as quick handling from Ashbourne - another try, not converted. 31-0

TT kick off, bounces into touch. Ashbourne lineout, drive forward again well defended by TT but Ashbourne given (another) penalty for something, but came to nothing.
A rare penalty given to TT on their own 5 yard line, kicked into touch. TT win the lineout but lose the ball easily to Ashbourne, good passing down the line resulting in a scrum to Ashbourne.

Ref has a chat with Saul - kicking the ball in a ruck is not allowed on health & safety grounds!!

Ashbourne attack (again), TT defence nowhere. Try unconverted 36-0

It was all Ashbourne now who were skipping round tackles. TT giving them too much space but when we had the ball they were all over us, no time to breathe.

Backs to the wall stuff.

Lineout to Ashbourne, big drive, good kick to the corner, just pushed forward by Adam - knock on, scrum Ashbourne. Try, converted. 43-0

2 minutes to go, lineout for Ashbourne. TT gather the ball and big hit from an Ashbourne player taking Tom out. Sounded like something snapped - Tom carries on, Ashbourne player walks off holding his arm/shoulder.

Final play, scrum to Ashbourne, big drive, kicked to the try line, well caught by TT, but Ashbourne there first, no support from TT, ball lost. Try to Ashbourne, converted. 50-0

Full time. 50-0

Man of the match - Adam Barker. Too exposed on the wing trying to defend 2 players but a valiant effort.

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